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Join the Divided Kingdom Readers’ Club and download unpublished short stories and book tasters for FREE. This is an exclusive offer that comes with membership of the ‘Clubmen’. Clubmen also receive a monthly email direct from the author, with research snippets, opportunities to meet and more.

The Keys of Hell and Death - an English Civil War novel by Charles Cordell
The Keys of Hell and Death – an English Civil War novel

FREE Extended Taster

Join the Clubmen and read the first chapters of The Keys of Hell and Death online for FREE. This is an exclusive offer that is only available to members of the Divided Kingdom Readers’ Club. Join the Clubmen and download this extended taster.

‘Heart-pounding action, heartbreaking loss as a nation tears itself apart. The ground shudders from cavalry attack and cannon fire. You can smell the sweat of fear. Not to be missed.’

David Gilman, award-winning author of the Master of War series, The Last Horseman and The Englishman

‘Charles Cordell, a former soldier, writes with bravura confidence.’

Antonia Senior, The Times

Clubmen in the English Civil War

The Clubmen of the English Civil War played a fascinating role, banding together to defend their villages and towns from the excesses of both the Royalists and Parliamentarian forces. In some areas, they became a third force that had to be reconned with.

As the first English Civil War continued, so the Clubmen movement grew. By 1645, they numbered in their thousands. Ultimately, Prince Rupert, Fairfax and Cromwell were all forced to negotiate and deal with them.

Clubmen 1645 Declaration
Clubmen Declaration of 1645

Divided Kingdom Readers’ Club

Clubmen will get exclusive free access to unpublished work. This will include unpublished short stories, novelettes and novellas based on the characters of the Divided Kingdom books. I hope you will enjoy them as much as the published novels.

Clubmen will also receive a monthly email direct from me. I will tell you what I am working on and share the historical nuggets I uncover in my research. You will also know where and when there will be opportunities to meet.

I very much look forward to meeting as many clubmen as I can. There will be exclusive local clubmen events during my travels for research and marketing. I hope these will be fun, relaxed, with an opportunity to hear your thoughts.

In return, I would ask you to give me clear, honest, constructive feedback. If you don’t like something I am doing, tell me. I may ask you to help from time to time. If you can, please do help me with your particular expertise or local knowledge.

If you get bored of being a clubman at any stage, please just unsubscribe. I will include an unsubscribe button in every email.

The Divided Kingdom Readers' Club. Charles Cordell with English Civil War re-enactors.
Charles Cordell – author and Clubmen – join us!


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