Battle of Worcester 1651 - English Civil War Climax

Commemorating the Battle of Worcester 1651

The Battle of Worcester was the last great battle of the British Civil Wars. It is ironic that it was fought in the city where the first English Civil War started, at the Battle of Powick Bridge in 1642.

“They should say they were at Worcester, where England’s sorrows began, and where they were happily ended.”

Commemorating the Battle of Worcester 1651 - outside the Guildhall
The Worcester Re-enactors commemorating the Battle of Worcester 1651 at the Guildhall

Thank you to the Battle of Worcester Society for organising a great set of events. It was brilliant to see the English Civil War and Battle of Worcester remembered at the Guildhall, Commandery and Fort Royal Hill. And thank you to the Worcester Re-enactors for bringing it all alive.

English Civil War Fiction

Thanks also to the brilliant audience who joined us at Bored and Bookless. And to all who came along to chat at the Script Haven. It was good to meet you all.

Thank you Worcester – ‘The Faithful City’. I will definitely be back with book 2!

In the meantime, copies of God’s Vindictive Wrath are on the shelves in both of these super bookshops, at the Commandery and the extraordinary the Hive – a fantastic combined university and public library.

With the Worcester Re-enactors at Bored & Bookless
With the Worcester Re-enactors at Bored & Bookless

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