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God's Vindictive Wrath - novel by Charles Cordell

God’s Vindictive Wrath – Novel

From the carnage of Edgehill, via Oxford, the clash at Aylesbury and peace talks at Colnbrook to the barricades at Brentford – each character must face the brutal reality of war. This story takes a fresh approach. It is not based on a single hero. It does not take sides. Its voices – ordinary men and women – face each other in the chaos of Britain in civil war. All have answered a call to save England. Now only an English mile separates them on the battlefield.

Published by Myrmidon and reviewed in The Times, July 2022.

To Cleanse Judah - short story by Charles Cordell

To Cleanse Judah – Short Story

A desperate ride, a city stormed, a last stand, a forlorn hope. Humiliation, desecration, cleansing fire and bitter wind sweep through Winchester’s streets, castle, close and sacred aisles. England, December, 1642.

A short story available as a FREE ebook.

Divided Kingdom Book #2 – Draft

From the Battle of Lansdown Hill, via the Siege of Devizes, Roundway Down and Bath to the Storming of Bristol in 1643, Book #2 of the Divided Kingdom series is in writing. It takes some of the characters from God’s Vindictive Wrath to the edge of Hell and drags others into the Civil War.

Publication planned for Spring 2023.

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