Reenacting the Battle of Edgehill 1642

Reenacting the Battle of Edgehill 1642, with the Sealed Knot, at Compton Verney, Warwickshire, England.

The Battle of Edgehill Reenactment

This was a brilliant event held over the back holiday weekend, 28-29 August 2022. I joined the re-enactors on the field as a musketeer. It was brilliant to be in the thick of it, amongst the clashing pikes, horses, drums and stench of blackpowder. Thank you all.

Re-enacting the Battle of Edgehill 1642 - the road to Civil War
The Road to Edgehill and Civil War

Historical Reenactment

I am a fan of Living History and of Historical Re-enactment. I believe that both can play a role in helping us understand historical events, conditions and perceptions. They are also a great way of making history accessible, of making it feel tangible. Please do check out my page on battlefield walks and talks, and Living History.

English Civil War musketeers firing at a re-enactment battle
English Civil War musketeers firing at a re-enactment battle

I believe that Living History and Historical Re-enactment can be particularly powerful if paired with other forms of Historical Interpretation. I hope that the historical fiction I write has a role to play in this. My books aim to combine historical narrative with the emotions of ordinary people present on each side of the conflict.

Reenactors coming off the Edgehill battlefield
Coming off the Field of Battle at the Battle of Edgehill 380

Historical Fiction

My writing is as historically accurate as I can make it. I find it very difficult to bend from known events or conditions. The British Civil Wars are filled with extraordinary moments, characters and stories. There is no need for invention – the stories just need compelling characters to tell them. I hope I have done this in God’s Vindictive Wrath.

Reenacting the Battle of Edgehill 1642 as an English Civil War musketeer was a great opportunity to experience something of what it must have felt like to be on a 17th Century battlefield.

Reenacting the Battle of Edgehill 1642 - musketeer Charles Cordell
Musketeer Cordell

Battle of Edgehill Historical Notes & More

Historical notes on the Battle of Edgehill 1642 are available to read at Notes & Maps. These notes accompany the text of God’s Vindictive Wrath, a novel of English Civil War fiction that opens at the battle. The first chapters of this novel are available to reed on this website as a free taster. There is also a short story to read at FREE ebook.

This website also includes posts and articles about life in 17th Century Britain, Europe and the Americas. These include notes and pages on the impact of the Little Ice Age and The General Crisis of the 17th Century. They include articles on the English Revolution and Great Rebellion. They also include Pike and Shot Warfare and battles of the English Civil War.

You can also find other posts on Early Modern history, Living History and re-enactment at News & Events. Finally, you may also wish to read about the English Civil War history talks and battlefield walks I give.

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