Battle of Warrington Bridge 1648

Battle of Winwick 1648

The Battle of Winwick in 1648 saw the final stand, defeat and surrender of the Scottish Engager Army in England. It left the New Model Army undisputed victors of the Second English Civil War and led to the execution of the King, Charles I.

The English Civil War Society re-enactment of this battle, held at Walton Hall near Warrington, formed the centre of a brilliant weekend of British Civil Wars’ living history. I hope you enjoy the images.

The guns!
Battle of Winwick 1648 - push of pike.
The desperate push of pike
Battle of Winwick 1648, living history.
Living History
Battle of Winwick 1648, camp followers.
We should not forget the number of camp followers who accompanied each army.
Walton Hall, officer and musketeers.
How big?

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