The Battle of Winwick 1648

The Battle of Winwick in 1648 saw the final stand, defeat and surrender of the Scottish Engager Army in England. It left the New Model Army undisputed victors of the Second English Civil War. Ultimately, it led to the execution of King Charles I.

Battle of Winwick 1648 - push of pike.
The Battle of Winwick 1648 – a desperate push of pike

English Civil War Re-enactment

The English Civil War Society re-enactment at Walton Hall formed the centre of a brilliant weekend of British Civil Wars’ living history. I hope you enjoy the video and images.

Battle of Winwick 1648, living history.
Living History

English Civil War Historical Notes

Historical notes on the English Civil War are available at Notes & Maps. These include background notes on the Little Ice Age and The General Crisis of the 17th Century. The also include notes on the Great Rebellion of 1642 and Pike and Shot Warfare. Notes on Civil War battles to accompany the text of the Divided Kingdom series of English Civil War historical fiction are also free to read.

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