Desecration of Winchester

Winchester and Winchester Cathedral in 1642
The City of Winchester

The desecration of Winchester Cathedral followed the storming of the city by Parliamentary forces on the 12th December 1642. The victorious troops of Sir William Waller went on to cleanse Winchester Cathedral, smashing its stained glass, choir stalls and Royal chapel, burning its library and scattering the bones of the Saxon king’s and bishops of England.

Read the story of the Storming of Winchester – a story of a desperate ride, city stormed, a final stand, a forlorn hope – as humiliation, torture, desecration, cleansing fire and bitter wind sweep through Winchester’s streets, castle, cathedral close and sacred aisles – in To Cleanse Judah. This is a FREE ebook short story published exclusively on this website.

To Cleanse Judah is the sequel to God’s Vindictive Wrath which is available now at Waterstones Winchester, Waterstones Winchester Brooks and P&G Wells Booksellers. Historical notes to accompany this ebook are available at: The Storming of Winchester 1642.

To Cleanse Judah a story of the desecration of Winchester Cathedral
To Cleanse Judah – short story by CHARLES CORDELL

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