Divided Kingdom book #2 - The Keys of Hell and Death - an English Civil War novel by Charles Cordell
Divided Kingdom Book #2 – The Keys of Hell and Death

Divided Kingdom Book #2

The Keys of Hell and Death – Divided Kingdom book #2 – will be published by Myrmidon on 4 June 2024.

The Keys of Hell and Death

Myrmidon has announced the publication of The Keys of Hell and Death – book #2 in the Divided Kingdom series of English Civil War fiction by Charles Cordell – saying,

‘The first novel in the series, God’s Vindictive Wrath was published in 2021, achieving strong sales, appealing to readers of such as Bernard Cornwell, Ben Kane, Simon Scarrow and Conn Iggulden, as well as glowing reviews.

Much of the authenticity valued by readers derives not only from the author’s meticulous study of the period but from his experiences as a professional soldier – his accounts of battle are unvarnished, stunning and brutal.’

Writing Book #2

Divided Kingdom book #2 - The Keys of Hell and Death - at the desk
The Keys of Hell and Death at the Desk

Writing book #2 took much longer than I hoped or expected. It was also a very different, tougher experience. When I wrote God’s Vindictive Wrath, I had no idea if anyone would read or enjoy it – I had nothing to lose. But the reaction, the reviews and comments from so many of you, has been wonderful.

Writing a second book has felt much more like a test – could I even do it again? I desperately did not want to disappoint. A number of well-established authors have told me that this is not an unusual experience. I am told, book 2 is the toughest to write. I hope this is true!

That said, I am really pleased. It opens at the brutal Battle of Lansdown Hill and moves via the Siege of Devizes and Roundway Down to the Storming of Bristol in 1643. These are all extraordinary moments that make a great story. It follows some of the characters from book #1 and drags others into the Civil War to tell it.

Publishing Book #2

Unfortunately, The Keys of Hell and Death will not be out before Christmas. I am sorry – this is my fault. In retrospect, I spent too much time having fun at book events launching book #1. However, I wanted to give God’s Vindictive Wrath a fighting chance as a debut in a very crowded marketplace.

Traditional book publishing does take time. There is no way of rushing it. The publisher needs time to turn a word manuscript into a finished, tangible product – a physical book on shelves. The Keys of Hell and Death will be available in bookshops and online from 4 June 2024. It will be available to pre-order before then.

The Battle of Lansdown Hill - where The Keys of Hell and Death opens
The monument to Sir Bevin Grenville and his Cornish Foot at Lansdown Hill

Thanks & Book #3

In the meantime, between edits, I have started on book #3 – the Storming and massacre of Bolton to the Siege of York and Battle of Marston Moor in 1644. I aim to try to avoid another delay between books.

Finally, thank you all for your patience and good wishes – there have been so many kind words of encouragement. I just hope you will enjoy The Keys of Hell and Death as much as God’s Vindictive Wrath.

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